Re: [gtk-vnc-devel] Fix mmap permissions for coroutine stacks

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
Our current code mmaps a region with PROT_EXEC for use as stack space in the swapcontext() calls. This is bogus because the stack should not be
executable. On any Fedora / RHEL system with SELinux enabled this results
in the process being terminated with extreme prejudice the moment we do
the swapcontext() call.

The attach patch removes the use of PROT_EXEC, and it also switches to use
MAP_PRIVATE instead of MAP_SHARED since ther is no reason for stack to be
shared across processes, and finally removes MAP_GROWSDOWN since it is a
broken concept that should not be used according to GLibC guys.

Very interesting patch. GROWSDOWN seemed like the Right Thing to do but I'm not surprised if it's broken. Removing EXEC seems sane to me. It was just a guess as what the right permissions should be.

BTW, if the coroutine stuff ever gets too weird, we can very easily switch over to lock-step threads. I know that there's been some concerns about the portability of coroutines in the context of the gnome community before (gstreamer initialized used a coroutine mechanism). I'd still want to stick with lock-step execution of threads b/c I think it simplifies locking.

Any thoughts?


Anthony Liguori

I notice that there have been a few mysterious crash reports in the Vinagre
bugzilla  which could well be explained by this bug, so it'd be worth getting
the users in question to try this patch too.


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