Re: Method get_active_iter of ComboBox

On 04.01.22 23:35, Kerenoc Kerenoc via gtk-perl-list wrote:
I'd like to know how to test the result of get_active_iter() when no
element is active.In Gtk2 it returns undef but in Gtk3 it returns a
Gtk3::TreeIter object that isn't usable.

Apparently, we never added an overload for it to make it behave like in
Gtk2, so you can ask perli11ndoc how to use it:

# perli11ndoc Gtk3::ComboBox::get_active_iter

  Gtk3::ComboBox::get_active_iter [available since 2.4]


  ($retval, $iter) = $object->get_active_iter ()




  • gboolean
    %TRUE if @iter was set, %FALSE otherwise

  • iter: Gtk3::TreeIter
    A #GtkTreeIter

Use the bool $retval to know whether $iter is valid.


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