Re: Some strings corrupted when inserting into liststore model

Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the response :)

In the case of your example script, you need 'use utf8;' in the preamble. In the case of your example 
script, you
need 'use utf8;' in the preamble. This fixes handling of the hard-coded unicode characters in the script -- 
it won't
necessarily fix the issue with the strings coming from your database.

Interesting. Yeah I don't usually embed unicode in source - I'd
forgotten about that :)

 Are you certain they are being stored in the database correctly?

Yeah actually they're coming from an execution plan, so they're not
"stored" as such in the database. Example:

| id                      | estRows  | task      | access object    |
operator info                  |
| TableReader_7           | 6656.67  | root      |                  |
data:Selection_6               |
| └─Selection_6           | 6656.67  | cop[tikv] |                  |
ne(, "")   |
|   └─TableFullScan_5     | 10000.00 | cop[tikv] | table:ffa_client |
keep order:false, stats:pseudo |
3 rows in set (0.010 sec)

It renders correctly in a console in the MySQL client. I can inspect
the values in a debugger and copy them out, and they render correctly
both inside the IDE, and in a text editor when I paste the values. I
was under the impression that Perl handled strings as kinda-utf8
internally. It's not really clear if there's something *else* I'm
supposed to do to these strings coming out of the DB or not? Anyway,
they totally look correct if I print() them or inspect them in an IDE.


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