Looking for new maintainer for GStreamer1

Hi All,

I slapped GStreamer1 together some years ago using the introspection bindings.  They worked well enough for my project, so I put them up on CPAN.  They cover gstreamer 1.0, as opposed to the GStreamer module, which covers 0.10.

It has an official Debian repository now, but I was informed recently that it would be removed if development continued to be inactive.  Besides having enough time, I also don't feel totally qualified to keep it under my name.  I don't know Gtk all that well, and don't have any other reason to do so anytime soon.  I was just the guy who made some minimal effort and threw it up on CPAN.

So it's time to pass it on.  As I mentioned, they're mostly introspection bindings at this point.  It would be good to add a few custom bindings for things the introspection bindings don't cover (enums, I think), which would round out the whole feature set.


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