Re: Pull request for ExtUtils::Depends submitted to GNOME Gitlab

On Wed, 2019-03-20 at 17:33 -0700, Brian Manning wrote:

Ed J submitted a pull request for ExtUtils::Depends to the GNOME
GitLab server;

Basically, the changes cause EU::D to quote paths if they have spaces
in them, and to bump the version number of EU::D up so it's higher
than a version of EU::D that's included with a release Gtk-Perl
version 1 that's currently on CPAN

My questions are:
1) Does anyone see any problems merging this, and

The changes look good to me.

2) Are we using merge commits or fast forward merges for merging
merge requests?

Up until now we've been using fast-forward merge commits, but if you
make sure to rebase the branch onto master before merging, I wouldn't
be opposed to merge commits either if you prefer them.


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