Re: [Important + Long] GNOME (and Gtk-Perl) Git repos have moved to a dedicated GitLab server

On 16.07.2018 06:40, Brian Manning wrote:
If you haven't already found out (the hard way), the GNOME project has
moved all of the Git repos on to a dedicated GitLab
server back at the end of May.  The new Git server's URL is:

The old GNOME Git URL of will now redirect to
the GNOME GitLab instance at the above URL.  There are also some
archived Gtk-Perl projects available at:

Thank you very much for taking care of this, Brian! All our repositories seem to have been migrated and un-archived now. To change an existing clone over to gitlab, you can use something like this:

  git remote set-url origin git gitlab gnome org:GNOME/perl-Glib.git

I just pushed a couple of changes to perl-Glib and perl-Glib-Object-Introspection. To get past the pre-commit hook, I had to rename the *.doap files to be all lower-case, see <>.


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