Re: GtkImageView and gtk+-3

On 04/01/18 19:04, Jeff wrote:
Some ten years ago various people on this list helped me write Perl
bindings for GtkImageView.


Now I am trying to decide how to create the functionality of the widget
in gtk+-3. I see a couple of options:


3. Do something basic in Perl. Is region selection even possible in pure

I've made some progress. Attached are a couple of small examples
( and for selecting a
region of an image, and also panning and zooming an image.

Probably thanks to Cairo, they are almost certainly quick enough for
what I want, even though they are pure Perl.

However, I don't understand why although panning and zooming works, the
Cairo context never seems to reflect this in $context->user_to_device()

If you run, and try panning at various zoom levels in
the top left hand corner (to keep the numbers small and simple), the
coordinates are not affected by the zoom level or the amount of pan.

What is going on? Why isn't user_to_device() working as I expect?



Description: Perl program

Description: Perl program

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