Re: Precarious status of Shutter in Debian

On Friday, 20 October 2017 14:28:25 CEST Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
I'm not entirely sure why you think the whole thing shouldn't be
retired altogether.

Well, as mentioned by others, it's a really nice screenshot application. One 
of the best looking Perl application, like gcstar or frozen-bubble. It's a 
shame that there's no "powered by Perl" somewhere on the UI.

And shutter is still quite popular according to popcon [1]. 

That said, if it's not popular enough to find a maintainer, we'll have no 
choice but to remove it from Debian.

I guess that the next step is to announce the probable demise of shutter on 
debian-devel and debian-users in the (slim) hope that someone steps up.

All the best


PS: I wonder what is shutter's status in other distro ...


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