Re: Glib constants as barewords

Thanks Jeff. That's probably true about the Glib module and constant. I figure why not skip both and just use variables with all-caps as constants. (Horrible, I know. But hey, it's what perlstyle recommends!) Clean, no barewords (which I think are far worse and especially more confusing than my method), and pretty much no overhead!

To each his own. For someone else, The Right Way may be different. TIMTOWTDI.


On June 29, 2017 11:37:59 AM EDT, Jeff <jffry posteo net> wrote:
On 29/06/17 05:36, oldtechaa wrote:
Thanks Bryan. I just wondered since two of the GTK3 tutorials on
gtk2-perl doc page recommended loading Glib, even only for the booleans.
I personally am fine with the constant method in perlstyle with all-caps
as constants, simple and no-fuss.

Surely, for a Gtk3 project, Glib is being loaded anyway (at least by
Gtk3), and is therefore no extra overhead. Whilst in the past, at least,
the overhead for the constant module was significant.



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