How to eliminate get_preferred_height/width warning

Using gtk3-perl, I have the following:
Gtk3::Window -> Gtk3::Box -> ScrolledWindow -> TreeStore

My code was edited from Gtk2 code.

When I expand the TreeStore, if its size exceeds the toplevel window, I get the warning: "Allocating size to GtkWindow 0x[address] without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred width/height()

I don't know if this is a gtk3-perl bug or if I now have to insert a call somewhere.  I've tried creating signal_connects for (just guessing) size-allocate signal for the toplevel window, the scrolled window and the treestore with no positive results.

I've run the code through the perl debugger, and the address of the Window shown in the warning is none of the toplevel window, the scrolled window or the treestore.

I've searched for published code to give me an example of ways to eliminate this with no success.  All I can find is code that manually sets the size of the container window.

If anyone can give me insight into what I might need to do to eliminate this I would greatly appreciate it.

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