Re: Motion events in a DrawingArea

Thanks for the response Max. I'm already quite invested in the Cairo
path - this is an existing project that I'm enhancing. I'm getting
close to another release of it. Preview:

It's a visualisation app for energy stats that lets you plug in data
sets to add new graph series. In my case ( ie screenshot ), I'm
graphing energy production ( solar panels ) in blue, energy sold to
the grid in green, general energy use in red, and controlled load (
hot water circuit ) in black. I'll check out GooCanvas for future
projects, but now I'm just trying to hack in some crosshairs that
follow the mouse and give an exact display of the co-ordinates ...
preferably without a major rewrite.

On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 2:36 AM,  <max augsburg gmx de> wrote:
Dear Dan,

I think the simplest solution would be to use my GooCanvas2 module (see ). The module works exactly as the C Api
(it's a pure Glib::IO binding). Therefore is a good starting point...
Especially the GooCanvas2::CanvasItem has an item press event and such

Perhaps this is helpful...

The Gtk3 canvas element (from which I think DrawingArea inherits its
painting capabilities) is hard to handle for event purposes...

Best wishes,

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Betreff: Motion events in a DrawingArea
Hi all.

I'm trying to capture mouse events in a DrawingArea ( in Gtk3 ). I'm
adapting code at ... but when
I go:

[ qw/ exposure-mask

... I get a warning:

Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_events: assertion
'!_gtk_widget_get_realized (widget)' failed

I've tried putting this later on in the code when I guess the widget
*should* be realized, eg at the end of the render_graph() method which
I hook up thus:

$self->{drawing_area}->signal_connect( draw => sub {
$self->render_graph( @_ ) } );

... but it still gives the same error.

Next I try to connect to a signal handler anyway:

, sub { $self->handle_graph_mouse_move( @_ ) }

... but this handler never gets called.

I guess things have changed in Gtk3? I haven't been able to find an
updated demo, even in C. Any hints as to what I'm missing?

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