Re: How to create a GIRepository2::AttributeIter and call GIRepository2::BaseInfo::iterate_attributes in G::O::I

The GIRepository API is not wholly introspectable because it's
expected to be used by language bindings in its native C form, as the
bridge between a language's C API and GObject.

The iterators are meant to be used on the C stack, to avoid excessive
memory allocations.


On 8 August 2017 at 17:32, Robin Lee <robinlee sysu gmail com> wrote:
Hi, I continue to play GIRepository with G::O::I.

And there is no "new" method in GIRepository2::AttributeIter, so I can't
figure it out how to run GIRepository2::BaseInfo::iterate_attributes, which
needs a GIRepository2::AttributeIter instance.


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