Re: How to test object type and do casting in G::O::I

"Robin Lee" <robinlee sysu gmail com>:
I am playing GIRepository with G::O::I.
I get a GIRepository::BaseInfo object from gir get_info funtion.

One question is how to test whether this object is a GIRepository::CallableInfo.

And another question is how to cast this object to a GIRepository::CallableInfo.

For a normal GObject-based library, the C hierarchy would be mapped to Perl package hierarchy so that you 
could use $object->isa('Package') and so that casting wouldn't be necessary.

But GIRepository is not a GObject-based library, so you're basically in uncharted territory here 
Glib::Object::Introspection has not been written and tested with this application in mind.  But try calling 
->get_type() on the GIRepository::BaseInfo object.  Once you know the type, try calling child class methods 
fully-qualified, for example:

  GIRepository::Struct::find_method ($base_info_which_is_struct_info, $name)

Also, have a look at what 'perli11ndoc' presents for GIRepository to maybe get a better idea of what is 
possible.  (The calling syntax presented might, however, not be correct, because 'perli11ndoc' also assumes 
GObject semantics.)

Might I ask what you are trying to accomplish with the information from GIRepository?


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