Re: GtkTreeView does not show data after clear()

On 22.11.2016 02:35, David Lowrence wrote:
Of course AFAIK, there is no documentation as of yet for Gtk3-Perl, and
I could be using some incorrect code, but I truly feel that there's a
bug in the Gtk3 code that is doing this.

Well, as always, the C docs are relevant.  Plus, there is "perli11ndoc"
and there are some tutorials; see the newly updated (thanks, Brian!)
<> for pointers.

I've been a bit longwinded, but, to summarize, when $dlg is run the
first time, the tree view displays the data, but on a second pass, after
dlear() ing, nothing (except for the column headers) is shown.

It does sound strange that the problem vanishes when you port to Gtk2 or
to C.  The binding for gtk_list_store_clear is trivial, so I think the
problem originates elsewhere.  Can you try to run your program under

  valgrind --tool=memcheck perl

If this doesn't turn up anything obvious, I'd need a minimal standalone
example program that exhibits the problem to investigate further.

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