Re: Updated 'docs' page on Sourceforge

On 25 November 2016 at 06:33, Brian Manning <cpan xaoc org> wrote:
I just thought I would let everybody know that the 'perli11ndoc' tool
is now referenced as the primary way to obtain documentation about
Gtk3, as well as any other introspectable GTK+ libraries that are
installed on your system.

I also grouped the documentation by GTK+ version, so that the GTK+3
docs are shown at the top of the page, and the GTK+2 docs are below
them, instead of being mixed in with one another.

You can view the updated 'docs' page on Sourceforge:

Please let me know if you have any questions, or find any issues with
the HTML/documentation/links.

The title is wrong on

"Introspection for GTK2-Perl"
Though introspection could be used for latest versions of gtk2, most
perl users of gtk2 are using the Gtk2 XS module so I think the title
should be:
"Introspection for perl-Gtk3"
or moregenerally
"Introspection for perl"

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