Re: "Not a CODE reference" error with Gtk::Bus::add_watch

On 20.11.2016 14:30, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
my $pipeline = Gst::parse_launch("...");

my $bus = $pipeline->get_bus();
$bus->add_watch(\&buswatch, $mainloop);


Since gst_bus_add_watch is not introspectable directly, the GStreamer authors marked gst_bus_add_watch_full as its replacement. ("perli11ndoc Gst::Bus::add_watch" says "[NOT INTROSPECTABLE, shadowed by add_watch_full]".) Unfortunately, its calling syntax is slightly different. See "perli11ndoc Gst::Bus::add_watch_full". So, try this:

        use Glib qw/G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT/;
        $bus->add_watch(G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, \&buswatch, $mainloop);

I also needed to add this before entering the main loop:


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