RE: Compiling Glib 2.16.5 on strawberry perl

C:/devel does not exist on my machine, it comes from the .pc files in the pkgconfig folders. These files are 
blindly unzipped with the rest of the Gtk+ stack.

My C:\prog\gtk+\lib\pkgconfig\glib.pc start with


In my C:\strawberry\c\lib\pkgconfig
Pc files have
which is probably resolved correctly.

my pkcg_config_path is c:\prog\gtk+\lib\pkgconfig;C:\strawberry\c\lib\pkgconfig (and other gtk stack versions 
are not included)

So maybe my problems stem from the prefix in the pc files unzipped in c:/prog/gtk+ being wrong
And adjusting it in all the pkgcongif/*.pc would cleaned that.

But I don't think my problems are due to multiple conflicting installation


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"RAPPAZ Francois" <francois rappaz unifr ch>:
pkg-config --libs glib-2.0
-Lc:/devel/target/0ca5583385db1135a53cf9e275815b19/lib -lglib-2.0 -

There's your problem.  You seem to have multiple conflicting
installations: C:/prog/gtk+ vs. C:/devel, and maybe others.  I suggest
cleaning this up, or at least cleaning up your PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH
environment variables, and trying again.
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