Re: Glib::IO


I just wondered, why in Python you
don't have to convert the byte digits in a byte string or to decode
the bytestring in UTF-8 format (see for example:
But probably they have modified the Gtk3::TextBuffer->set_buffer()
method (I think the Gtk3::TextBuffer works always in UTF-8).

They probably do some sort of byte array to string conversion in their
bindings too. As far as the validation, though, I think it's typically more
appropriate to do that sort of thing at the application level. It should be up
to the application author to decide how to do this.  For instance, vim lets
me open and view a PNG without complaint - it's just not very useful.  The python
example you linked to doesn't do any validation, probably for
simplicity - I doubt they'd have made any such changes at the class
level, though, or else would have subclassed TextView first.

Collaborating on github is a very good idea, although I am still not
very familiar with github. On the other hand for me it is a great
enrichment to discuss my succested proposals here with more
experienced programmers. But perhaps this could be annoying for
people that are not interested in the Glib::IO module ;-)

This list seems like a good place to have those discussions. Github (or the like)
would just provide a way to organize the intermediate work, rather than
sending every change as an individual patch to the list.


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