Re: Compiling Glib 2.16.5 on strawberry perl

On 2016-06-30 at 07:50:30 +0000, RAPPAZ Francois wrote:
Finally I succeed to compile this Gtk stuff.

The important thing is to change the prefix line in the pc files in gtk+\lib\pkgconfig with 

The pc file to choose is the one corresponding to the first library being searched in the  perl 
step for a given package.

Once this change is done, there is still the need to indicate where all the header files are using 
INC="-Ipath/to/file -I..." 
but LIBS="..." is not needed.

With that the compiling + linking goes without undefined reference errors.

Two remarks:
- why did nobody ever told me that on this list ? Did no one try to compile this stuff on windows ?
- wxWidget is also based on external libs. It is set up in two steps Alien::wxWidget + Wx and it's much, 
much, easier to install.

I have been compiling Gtk3 Perl packages using MSYS2 and find it much
easier to do consistently.

Would you be interested in a set of scripts that you can use on your
machines or on Appveyor? To give an example of what I was able to
accomplish, see the build artifact at 

That is a ZIP file that contains Perl, GTK+3, GTK themes, etc. along
with a PAR::Packer-based executable that starts the application (a PDF
reader based on MuPDF). I hope to take this and build an MSI installer
with it soon.

- Zaki Mughal


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"RAPPAZ Francois" <francois rappaz unifr ch>:
pkg-config --libs glib-2.0
-Lc:/devel/target/0ca5583385db1135a53cf9e275815b19/lib -lglib-2.0 -

There's your problem.  You seem to have multiple conflicting
installations: C:/prog/gtk+ vs. C:/devel, and maybe others.  I suggest
cleaning this up, or at least cleaning up your PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH
environment variables, and trying again.
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