Re: GtkTreeView does not show data after clear()

On 26.11.2016 17:09, David Lowrence wrote:
When the program runs, the data is displayed on the first pass, but
on the second, it's not. I edited the program changing "Gtk3" to
"Gtk2" and changed the version requirement in the Glade file, and the
data displays on both passes.

I cannot reproduce this with perl 5.24.0, perl-GOI 0.040, perl-Gtk3
0.029, gobject-introspection 1.50.0 and gtk+ 3.22.4.  The tree view
displays the same three lines in both iterations.  What versions are you

# perl -v
# perl -MGlib::Object::Introspection -E'say
# perl -MGtk3 -E'say $Gtk3::VERSION'
# pkg-config --modversion gobject-introspection-1.0
# pkg-config --modversion gtk+-3.0

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