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Wow thanks :)


On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 3:48 PM,  <max augsburg gmx de> wrote:
Dear Dan,

I have written a Gtk3::SourceView module for Perl using Gobject
Please see here:

You need the typelib files for GtkSource (see for more informations the POD
documentation) and then can simply install this module by "cpanm

If you have further questions regarding the module, please let me know.
Hopefully I can then help you ;-)

Best wishes,

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Betreff: Gtk3 version of GtkSourceView
Hi all.

The GtkSourceView page: says:

"Can be used from many programming languages. Thanks to GObject
Introspection, automatic bindings are available for JavaScript,
Python, Vala and others."

Does that include Perl? I don't quite follow what's required with
introspection for bindings to work.

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