Re: Bindings for a 3rd-party library

On 22 May 2015 at 02:24, Daniel Kasak <d j kasak dk gmail com> wrote:
I just saw this announced in the gtk list:

This would be SOOOO handy for me. I want to write a query builder like
MS Access, and this would be a god-send.

I'm wondering ... how much work is involved in getting Perl bindings
for this library working? I guess it would depend on how it's written?
Or does the introspection that comes along with gtk3 make it generally
an easy task?

I'd obviously be keen to do it, if I was capable of it, but I'd need some help.

Did you read the page you pointed to?
"libgtkflow supports GObject-Introspection so you can program against
it in various popular languages including but not limited to: Python,
Perl, Lua, JS, PHP. I compiled some examples on how to program against
the library in Python in the examples-folder."

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