Glib-Object-Introspection on Windows

Hi all.

I'm trying to build GIO-0.029 on Windows. I've previously been able to
build version 0.025 like this from a cmd.exe shell:

set CC=gcc
set GI_TYPELIB_PATH=c:\jewelkit\c\lib\girepository-1.0
dmake test
dmake install

With version 0.029, I get:

cp lib/Glib/Object/ blib\lib\Glib\Object/
cp build/ blib\arch/Glib\Object\Introspection/Install/
Running Mkbootstrap for Glib::Object::Introspection ()
"C:\jewelkit\perl\bin\perl.exe" -MExtUtils::Command -e chmod -- 644 "Introspecti"
[ XS GObjectIntrospection.xs ]
[ CC GObjectIntrospection.c ]
"C:\jewelkit\perl\bin\perl.exe" -MExtUtils::Mksymlists \
     -e "Mksymlists('NAME'=>\"Glib::Object::Introspection\", 'DLBASE' => 'Intros
pection', 'DL_FUNCS' => {  }, 'FUNCLIST' => [], 'IMPORTS' => {  }, 'DL_VARS' =>
dlltool --def Introspection.def --output-exp dll.exp
[ LD blib\arch\auto\Glib\Object\Introspection\Introspection.xs.dll ]
GObjectIntrospection.o:GObjectIntrospection.c:(.text+0x4a80): undefined referenc
e to `SvGVariant'
GObjectIntrospection.o:GObjectIntrospection.c:(.text+0x6bed): undefined referenc
e to `newSVGVariant_noinc'
GObjectIntrospection.o:GObjectIntrospection.c:(.text+0x70d1): undefined referenc
e to `newSVGVariant'
/bin/ld.exe: GObjectIntrospection.o: bad reloc address 0x124 in section `.rdata'

collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
dmake:  Error code 129, while making 'blib\arch\auto\Glib\Object\Introspection\I


Does anyone know what the problem is?

It's taken over a day to get to this point ... and there's a new
Windows release coming very soon after this is fixed ... :)


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