Re: Gtk2 1.2495 (stable) available

On 28.01.2015 17:51, intrigeri wrote:
Torsten Schönfeld wrote (28 Jan 2015 16:06:33 GMT) :
intrigeri <intrigeri+debian boum org>:
Brian Manning wrote (28 Jan 2015 02:10:23 GMT) :
Overview of changes in Gtk2 1.2495 (stable) [2015-01-27]

* Fix incorrect memory management in Gtk2::Gdk::Display::list_devices

Did that bug have any security implication?

The code was freeing memory that gtk+ still holds onto and might access later. So,
yes, it is conceivable that this can be exploited.

Thanks. I've not seen a CVE request on oss-security (could have missed
it, though). Will it be allocated in another way, e.g. from the Red
Hat pool? A CVE would help distros a lot.

No, we haven't done any kind of official security-related announcement.
 Do you really need such an "official" and elaborate effort for this
kind of bug fix?  These kinds of fixes are done all over the place all
the time without special announcements.

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