Re: Gtk3 context menu

On 25.08.2014 23:07, Torsten Schönfeld wrote:
On 25.08.2014 20:24, Yuri Myasoedov wrote:
But when you use Gtk3:

(Gtk2::Widget, Gtk3::Gdk::EventButton) - first click
(Gtk2::Widget, Gtk3::Gdk::EventButton) - second click
(Gtk2::Widget, Gtk3::Gdk::Event) - 2button-press !!!

I have no idea, why Gtk3::Gdk::Event is used instead of
Gtk3::Gdk::EventButton. May be a bug?
Anyway you can bless $event for Gtk3::Gdk::EventButton.

It looks like the mapping in
<> is
incorrect then.  "button-2press" and "button-3press" should probably be
"2button-press" and "3button-press".

Did this now: <>.

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