Re: perl-Gtk2: GdkWindow.t fails with libgtk2 2.24.28 and libgdk-pixbuf2.0 2.31.4-2

On 02.07.2015 11:22, intrigeri+debian boum org wrote:
  $ prove -l t/GdkWindow.t
  t/GdkWindow.t .. 1/58 *** Error in `/usr/bin/perl': free(): invalid size: 0x00000000015ac210 ***
  t/GdkWindow.t .. Failed 36/58 subtests 
Do you need other information to help debug this problem?

Yes, I'd need the output of a full run and a backtrace:

  gdb --args perl t/GdkWindow.t
  (gdb) r
  (gdb) bt

Valgrind output would also be nice:

  valgrind --tool=memcheck perl t/GdkWindow.t

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