Re: toubles with building cairo

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 7:48 AM, RAPPAZ Francois
<francois rappaz unifr ch> wrote:

I'm trying to install cairo on a new setup of perl strawberry (details below)

When I run dmake I get

-typemap "C:\STRAWB~2\perl\lib\ExtUtils\typemap"
-typemap "build\cairo-perl-auto.typemap"
-typemap "cairo-perl.typemap"  Cairo.xs > Cairo.xsc &&
-MExtUtils::Command -e mv -- Cairo.xsc Cairo.c
gcc -c

I have a cairo.h file in C:\strawberry\c\include\cairo

And not in C:\strawberry\c\lib\include as described by the includedir above.
If I use  %pkg_info = ExtUtils::PkgConfig->find ($package); I get
modversion:  1.10.0
cflags:      -mms-bitfields -IC:strawberryclib/include/cairo -IC:strawberryclib/
include/glib-2.0 -IC:strawberryclib/lib/glib-2.0/include -IC:strawberryclib/incl
ude -Ic:/STRAWB~2/c/lib/PKGCON~1/../../include/freetype2 -Ic:/STRAWB~2/c/lib/PKG
CON~1/../../include/libpng16 -Ic:/STRAWB~2/c/lib/PKGCON~1/../../include
libs:        -LC:strawberryclib/lib -lcairo

My questions are
- shall I edit all the pc files by hand to correct for the includedir variable  or shall I move the include 
folder under the lib folder ?

Or move the header file to where the Makefile is expecting it, but
your problem is most likely related to your 2nd question;

- is IC:strawberryclib/include/cairo correct ? why are the / removed ?

What command shell are you using when trying to build Cairo, bash.exe
or cmd.exe?  You also didn't mention your version of Windows.

Is this your 2nd copy of Strawberry installed on the machine?  The
long filename got truncated to "strawb~2", which makes me think there
may be another copy on the machine you're using.



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