Notify signal font size has changed

Hi there,

I'm developing a RAD library to create GUI applications based on Gtk2::Fixed.

At the moment I am working on the widget scaling depending on the font size.
This works fine if the application is started _after_ the font size change.

Is it open _while_ the change happens only the size of the font is switched
(that's clear because the size and position are fixed).

So I thought catching the event which signals Gtk to switch the font size would
be fine to rescale all the fixed widgets.

I found in GtkFontButton the hint to use notify::font-name to react on font
changes. But I need it for the font size change. The notify event comes from
Gobject but I haven't no clue on which notify event I have to react.

Does anybody knows that? Would be great!

Thanks in advance,

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Albert Einstein

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