Re: README for Pango still says it's "beta"

On 19.01.2014 05:26, Brian Manning wrote:
I was going to update the README for Pango and add/centralize contact
info, bug reporting info, repos, etc, and I found this block of text
in the INSTALLATION section:

<text block>
To avoid installing to a system directory, since this is a beta release,
you can change the installation prefix at Makefile.PL time with

   perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/some/other/place
</text block>

This is a verbatim copy of text in Glib's and Gtk2's README.  It's not
correct anymore: Glib, Gtk2 and Pango are not in beta.

I'm guessing this is old and just never got changed, but I wanted to
confirm before I create an RT ticket for it to be removed, then remove
it.  There's more text in the same part of the README describing
different ways of telling Perl how to find Pango in a non-system-Perl
library path; is that text worth keeping?

It doesn't reflect the state of the art anymore, which would have you
use INSTALL_BASE instead of PREFIX, or simply local::lib.  But this
state of the art might change again in the future.  So yeah, I think it
makes sense to simply remove that portion.

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