Glib::JSON 0.001 (trial)

hi all;

this weekend I did a trial release of the introspection-based bindings
for json-glib; json-glib is a library that interfaces JSON with GLib
data types, and can be used to serialize and deserialize GObject
instances pretty easily. Glib::JSON uses the
Glib::Object::Introspection module to provide access to the json-glib
API to Perl.

this is a trial release, as I wanted to get more familiar with
Dist::Zilla; I'm going to add a bit more functionality to Glib::JSON
in the near future, but as it is, it already works well for parsing
and generating JSON through a DOM-like API, and a cursor-based API.

Glib::JSON is available on github:

the distribution is on CPAN:

have fun!



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