December Gtk-Perl releases now available on CPAN/Sourceforge and in Git

Hi all,

I'm currently working on some release automation for Gtk-Perl modules,
so for now, I'm going to quickly announce all of the Gtk-Perl releases
for December in this e-mail.  In a few days, I'll send out the actual
"official" release e-mails.

I've just pushed the following releases to CPAN/Sourceforge and pushed
the corresponding source code and Git tags to;

ExtUtils::Depends -> 0.403
GStreamer (version 0) -> 0.20
Glib::Object::Introspection -> 0.026
Glib -> 1.307
Gtk2 -> 1.2494
Gtk3 -> 0.020

Files hosted on CPAN will probably take a few hours or so to mirror
completely; if you need something *now*, download it from Sourceforge.

Again, I'll send out the "official" release e-mails for all of the
above modules in a few days.  If you need to know right away what
changed in these modules, download or git clone/pull the source and
read the NEWS file for each module you're interested in.



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