Re: Gtk3 Spinner does not spin

"Juergen Harms" <juergen harms unige ch>:
However, I appear to advance from a learning problem to a 
banging-your-head problem (I am using perl-Gtk3-0.19.0 ):

$gtk_settings = Gtk3::Settings->get_default ();
fails with "passed too many parameters (expected 0, got 1)"

and when I do what I really want (with gtk_screen properly set up - as 
successfully used for caling StyleContext::add_provider_for_screen  )

$gtk_settings = Gtk3::Settings->get_for_screen ( $gtk_screen );
with "passed too many parameters (expected 1, got 2)"

Glib::Object::Introspection maps non-method functions to namespaced functions by default, not class-static 
methods.  So try:

  Gtk3::Settings::get_default ()
  Gtk3::Settings::get_for_screen ($gtk_screen)

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