Re: Porting perl-GStreamer to gst 1.0

GStreamer(0) looks explicitly for libgstreamer-0.10, as per this block
of code in Makefile.PL:

unless (eval { %pkgcfg = ExtUtils::PkgConfig->find (
                 "gstreamer-0.10 >= $build_reqs{'libgstreamer'}");
       1; })

So there's no more changes needed to GStreamer(0) as far as I can see.



On Sat, Dec 6, 2014 at 10:53 AM, Brian Manning <cpan xaoc org> wrote:
One other thing I saw but forgot to ask about;  here's the %build_reqs
for GStreamer(0):

our %build_reqs = (
  'perl-ExtUtils-Depends'   => '0.205',
  'perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig' => '1.07',
  'perl-Glib'               => '1.180',
  'libgstreamer'            => '0.10.0',

Would it work/be worthwhile to have 'libgstreamer' in there twice,
i.e. once with "=> '0.10.0'" and once with "<= '0.11.0'"?  (N.B. I
think 0.11.x was the beta series for 1.0.0).

I can try it later today with both greater than and less than tests in
Makefile.PL to see how MakeMaker reacts.



On Sat, Dec 6, 2014 at 3:29 AM, Torsten Schönfeld
<torsten schoenfeld gmx de> wrote:
On 06.12.2014 07:01, Brian Manning wrote:

I made some changes to the docs for GStreamer(0), with notes about
both C libs/Perl modules being able to be installed concurrently, as
well as links to GStreamer1.

Looks good to me.  Thanks, Brian!

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