Re: segfault using extension events in Gtk2's

Hello Thorsten,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I've been able to solve the problem (see code
below: grabbing the device list without reference to the main window works a
charm...). I don't understand why the above method failed (the display has a
devices_list method, and it reports the same list as
Gtk2::Gdk->devices_list()), but I can live with that ;-)



my @devices = Gtk2::Gdk->devices_list();
for(my $i=0;$i<$#devices;$i++){
  my $name=$devices[$i]->name;
  print "Name: $name\n";
  my $result=$devices[$i]->set_mode('GDK_MODE_SCREEN');
  print "Activation: $result\n";
  my $mode=$devices[$i]->mode;
  print "Mode: $mode\n";

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