Re: Are there Perl bindings for gstreamer-1.0?

Continuing on from my last point:

On 30/04/14 19:37, Steve Cookson wrote:
But I don't see how to go from $src to its base-class object (if such a beast exists) to use set_window_handle.

I found this in Python:

You just need to copy it into your own directory, change the video name to one in your directory and it will play.

Here is the Python code corresponding to the area we are looking at:

    def on_sync_message(self, bus, msg):
        if msg.get_structure().get_name() == 'prepare-window-handle':

That would equate to:


in our code.

But $message->src, just doesn't have that method.

So it seems like a bug in Introspection.

Do you think so?

Do you now where to log it?



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