Gtk3 combos

More migration questions ...

A simple example of inserting 2 key/value pairs into a combo, and setting the text column to the 2nd ( Glib::String ) column as the 'display' column used to be:

my $model = Gtk2::ListStore->new( "Glib::Int", "Glib::String" );

  , 0, 100
  , 1, "Netezza"

  , 0, 200
  , 1, "Teradata"

my $widget = $self->{builder}->get_object( "CONFIG.TARGET_DB_TYPE" );
$widget->set_model( $model );
$widget->set_text_column( 1 );

How would you do this in Gtk3? If I change the Gtk2 to Gtk3, and rename set_text_column to set_entry_text_column, I get *nothing*. If I add another column to the ListStore ( so we'd have ID, short_text, long_text ), I get the long_text values showing up. So I assume there is something else I'm supposed to be passing to $model->set? Or am I way off?


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