Re: Gtk3 dist.ini changes to add/update project metadata

On 13.10.2013 06:53, Brian Manning wrote:
Torsten, would it be worth it to enable this 'is_testing' flag for
Gtk3, or is it already understood that Gtk3 is beta software?  I'm not
sure what this flag will do to CPAN/MetaCPAN as far as search results
for Gtk3, i.e. this flag may cause CPAN/MetaCPAN to hide releases with
this flag set.

The flag seems to be called "is_trial", which suggests that CPAN
wouldn't index a release with it set.  When we've had a stable release
with API stability promises, we can think about marking subsequent
releases as "trials", like we do now with Glib.

You can view my changes at [2].  If nobody has any complaints, I'll
push them over to after a week or so.

Everything looks good to me.  Thanks for pursuing this.

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