Re: Interesting new behavior in ExtUtils::MakeMaker breaks building of Gnome2

On 03.10.2013 01:43, Brian Manning wrote:
I've made a change to Gnome2 [3] that hardcodes the path to the Gnome2
output directory under blib so EU::MM sorts enums.pod differently now
when it generates the Makefile.  The change is working for me on older
and current versions of EU::MM.

Thanks for your investigation.

Torsten, can you look at this and see if this change is the right way
to go?  There's also another '$(FULLEXT)/enums.pod' being used at the
bottom of Makefile.PL; can it/should it be hardcoded to 'Gnome2' also?

I think it would be better to make enums.pod's dependence on the
existence of blib/lib/Gnome2 explicit, as per the attached patch.  I
tested this with EU::MM 6.57_05 and 6.78: both have the Makefile target
and hence the build succeeds.

Attachment: 0001-Fix-build-ensure-existence-of-blib-lib-Gnome2-for-en.patch
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