Glib 1.300 (stable) available

Hi folks!

With the release of Perl 5.18.0 yesterday, we decided to release a
stable version of Glib to go along with it.  The Glib source tree on has fixes that are needed for Glib to run on 5.18.0 [1].
 I've already uploaded the Glib 1.300 tarball to CPAN, where it should
appear within the next 24 hours.  The Sourceforge tarball link below
is already working if you need the release tarball right away.

Overview of changes in Glib 1.300 (stable)

* Stable release to coincide with the release of Perl 5.18.0

 Since 1.28x (The previous stable release)
 * Ensure timely destruction of initial wrapper of custom subclasses
 * Start changing module version numbers in all Perl modules in the
   distribution, not just lib/; (Bugzilla #690464)
 * Make Glib::Object subclassing more robust.  This should in particular fix
   issues revealed by the change to hash randomization introduced in perl
 * Correctly handle utf8-encoded strings in GPerlArgv.  This should fix issues
   seen with utf8-encoded strings in @ARGV with, for example, Gtk2->init.

View the source in the Gtk2-Perl git repo at:

Or download the source release at:

This release works with all stable releases of glib-2.x.

In order to build Glib from source, you must have glib-2.x and its
development headers and utilities installed, as well as the
pkg-config utility.   In addition, the following Perl modules are
needed at build time (but not at runtime):

 ExtUtils::Depends >= 0.300
 ExtUtils::PkgConfig >= 1.000

Glib provides Perl access to the GLib and GObject libraries.  GLib is
a portability and utility library; GObject provides a generic type
system with inheritance and a powerful signal system.  Together these
libraries are used as the foundation for many of the libraries that
make up the Gnome environment, and are used in many unrelated projects.


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