Re: Can't locate object method "set_tab_hborder" via package "Gtk3::Notebook"

On Sat, 16 Mar 2013 16:14:19 +0100
Juergen Harms <juergen harms unige ch> wrote:

Subsidiary question: is there an easy way (example code would be very 
helpful) to include c-code for temporarily creating a workaround  for 
non-mapped methods at the level of the application? - I try to stick to 
what my friendly distro gives me in its rpm package).

Thanks, Juergen

Hi, besides what Torsten said, here is a new method that will be 
available in Perl6, called NativeCall, which can call c libs directly.

I post this here just to show what is coming in the future, 
not that it may be useful for you here and now.


 I'm doing a perl6 script that uses the NativeCall module to map GTK+
   library functions.

   The script can be seen below:

   #!/bin/env perl6 use NativeCall; constant LIBGTK = '';
   constant GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL = 0; sub gtk_init(int, Str) returns
   OpaquePointer is native(LIBGTK) is export { ... }; sub
   gtk_window_new(int) returns OpaquePointer is native(LIBGTK) is export {
   ... }; sub gtk_window_set_title(OpaquePointer, Str) is native(LIBGTK)
   is export { ... }; sub gtk_container_set_border_width(OpaquePointer,
   int) is native(LIBGTK) is export { ... }; sub
   gtk_widget_show(OpaquePointer) is native(LIBGTK) is export { ... }; sub
   gtk_main() is native(LIBGTK) is export { ... }; gtk_init(0, ""); my
   $window = gtk_window_new(GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);
   gtk_window_set_title($window, "Test");
   gtk_container_set_border_width($window, 200); gtk_widget_show($window);
   gtk_main(); exit();


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