Glib release tarballs on CPAN

Hi all,

The last two "unstable" releases of Glib (1.290 and 1.291) were done
with an older version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker on the system I used to
prepare the releases, which caused CPAN/MetaCPAN to incorrectly mark
these releases as "stable".  I am currently working on resetting
everything on CPAN so that 1.280 is marked as the latest stable
release, but it won't be until this weekend until this issue is fixed.
 This is documented in RT#83745.

From now until this weekend, if you need the unstable tarballs (1.290
and 1.291) of Glib, please head over to Sourceforge;

You can also get any of the stable/unstable Glib releases directly via
their tags in Git.

The stable release of Glib (1.280) on CPAN will not be deleted, and it
should show up as the latest release on CPAN/MetaCPAN once all of the
CPAN file maintenance magic is complete.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above.



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