Re: Fwd: [ #83490] options.t fails for non-utf8 locale

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 2:30 PM, Kevin Ryde <user42 zip com au> wrote:
Brian Manning <cpan xaoc org> writes:

+        I18N::Langinfo->import(qw(langinfo CODESET));

You could call it without importing if desired.  I've used

  eval {
  $charset = I18N::Langinfo::langinfo(I18N::Langinfo::CODESET());

I tried this using the attached patch, but only the skip block
"I18N::Langinfo unavailable" in my patch gets hit, the other skip
block is never seen using the demo script in [1].  The error returned

ok 25 # skip Can't check LC_ALL/LANG, I18N::Langinfo unavailable;
Undefined subroutine &I18N::Langinfo::CODESET called at t/options.t
line 166.

I'd love it if I interpreted your code snippet wrong somehow, because
your suggestion above is shorter and still clear.




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