Re: Gdk RGBA color

On 27.01.2013 15:33, Dave M wrote:
Sorry, little help here please.  When I try examples from the new
Gtk3::Gdk::RGBA tests you linked to, I get:

Gtk3::Gdk::RGBA=SCALAR(0x10b9f60) is not of type Gtk3::Gdk::Color at
line 59

What are you doing with the Gtk3::Gdk::RGBA object once created? The error message seems to suggest you pass it to a function that actually expects a Gtk3::Gdk::Color object. These two classes are not interchangeable. Many gtk+ functions that take a color object have now got a sibling that takes an rgba object, for example gtk_color_selection_set_current_color and gtk_color_selection_set_current_rgba.

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