Re: utf8 odd behavior with Gtk2

On 08.07.2012 00:49, Kevin Ryde wrote:
â Do we continue to use SvPV/newSVpv but also store the UTF8 flag, and
if it was set, restore it?

I've now implemented this approach: <>. zentara, can you verify that this fixes the problem for you, too?

Sounds likely, in as much as it's round-trip clean.  What does posix say
about the encoding of argv?  Text would be in the locale charset
wouldn't it?

According to <>, what you get in argv can actually be in different encodings. What you type in is encoded according to your shell frontend (so probably according to the locale), but when you tab-complete a filename, for example, the bytes you get in argv will be the bytes from the disk.

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