Re: Gtk3::TreeSelection and get_selected_rows

On 19.02.2013 05:34, Dan Kasak wrote:
More Gtk2 ==> Gtk3 questions ...

When I do $tree_selection->get_selected_rows, I get an array, which
appears to have:

- row[0]: an array of Gtk3::TreePath objects
- row[1]: the model ( in my case, a Gtk3::ListStore )

Is this expected?

Yes. Gtk2 does this differently, but I saw no compelling reason to uphold this inconsistency with the C API. This particular change is listed in the pod: <>.

don't say anything about getting the model back.

C functions can only have one return value; to return more than one value, they must use "out" arguments, i.e. reference arguments that get set by the function. "GtkTreeModel **model" is such an argument in this case. These kinds of "out" arguments are mapped to normal return values by Glib::Object::Introspection (and hence by Gtk3).

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