Updates to ExtUtils::Depends

Hi all,

I've pushed some changes to my copy of ExtUtils::Depends on GitHub
[1].  There's fixes for RT#49300, RT#86572, and I've updated the
module POD with things like contact info, bug reporting, and source
code location.

I've also filed an RT ticket[2] for this distro, there's two licenses
mentioned in a few places in the distro, LGPL and "same as Perl", and
no LICENSE or COPYING file to give the final word as far as which
license applies to this distro.

I can go ahead and push my changes to git.gnome.org and make a release
after the license bits get worked out, unless someone has issues with
the RT ticket fixes or my changes to the module POD.



[2] https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=88196

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