RFC: updated README file for all Gtk2-Perl repos

Hi folks,

RT ticket #74870 was opened against Cairo because the details of the
source repository was not included anywhere in the distribution.

To address this problem, I've created an updated README file in a
branch of Cairo-GObject on Github with the following changes:

- Lists the URL for the mailing list
- Lists the URL for the homepage on Sourceforge
- Lists the URL for the Git repo on gnome.org
- Quick explanation on how to clone the source using git, and how to
keep the cloned source up to date
- Explains how to submit bugs, and where to submit bugs to (either
bugzilla or rt.cpan.org)
- Refers readers of the README file to the LICENSE file for licensing

Here's the branch in Github with all of my accumulated changes to date:


The first commit with major changes is here:


If nobody has any major objections, as I get time, I will start going
through all of the Gtk2-Perl repos/project directories and making
similar modifications to their README files.  For each repo I make
changes to, I will do a "housekeeping" release that will combine the
README file changes for RT ticket #74870, as well as updates to the
FSF's snail mail address documented in RT tickets #74533 and #72664.
There will be no code changes in these releases, only updates to the
README and changing the FSF's address as needed.  The release
announcements for these releases will clearly state that the release
is for housekeeping purposes, and that there are no code changes.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the above, or any
suggestions as far as things to add to and/or change in the example
README file that I posted above.



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