Re: Glib 1.251 (unstable) available

Hi all,

I made a mistake when I pushed the file for this release
(Glib-1.251.tar.gz) to CPAN.

Since this is an unstable release, the tarball that's uploaded to CPAN
needs to be named in a special way so that the file is not shown in
the web interface as the latest stable release.

I have uploaded a new file with the correct naming convention to
prevent it as being seen as the latest stable release, located in the
by-authors directory here:

This file is identical to the current Glib-1.251.tar.gz file linked on
Sourceforge below and currently linked on CPAN.

I will be deleting the Glib-1.251.tar.gz file that was released to
CPAN at 00:00 GMT on March 7th, 2012; the file Glib-1.251.TRIAL.tar.gz
will be available in it's place if you need to download it from CPAN
for any reason.  If deleting the current version of this file from
CPAN will cause you any issues, please contact me offlist so we can

The copy of the release tarball that's on Sourceforge (linked below)
will be left alone.

Subsequent releases of unstable tarballs should also have the TRIAL
tag in the filename :)



On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 11:16 PM, Brian Manning <elspicyjack gmail com> wrote:
Overview of changes in Glib 1.251 (unstable)

* Make signal marshalling more thread-safe (Bugzilla #620099)

There were fundamental changes made to Glib to prepare for the release
of Perl version 5.16, hence the unstable release tag.
These changes were first discussed by Torsten in this e-mail:

View the source in the Gtk2-Perl git repo at:

Or download the source release at:

This release works with all stable releases of glib-2.x.

In order to build Glib from source, you must have glib-2.x and its
development headers and utilities installed, as well as the
pkg-config utility. Â In addition, the following Perl modules are
needed at build time (but not at runtime):

ÂExtUtils::Depends >= 0.300
ÂExtUtils::PkgConfig >= 1.000

Glib provides Perl access to the GLib and GObject libraries. ÂGLib is
a portability and utility library; GObject provides a generic type
system with inheritance and a powerful signal system. ÂTogether these
libraries are used as the foundation for many of the libraries that
make up the Gnome environment, and are used in many unrelated projects.

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