Re: [Patch] MinGW support for Glib-Object-Introspection

On 21.06.2012 13:50, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
After some hacking I got gobject-introspection to build on Windows
with MinGW32, and then started with Glib-Object-Introspection.

Great news!

- I am not sure how to add 'build' to PATH for a dmake Makefile (will
do some more research when I get time)

Does cmd.exe not support the syntax that is currently used for LD_LIBRARY_PATH? That is, simply prepend "PATH=build;%PATH%" to the command?

- Other scattered FIXME's etc. that I am not sure of (mostly due to
more recent versions and G-O-I being mostly unstable on win32)

Some comments:

• The missing libffi stuff is actually a genuine bug. gobject-introspection-1.0.pc lists libffi only as a private dependency (as of a few months ago), but we make use of libffi directly in the bindings. I'm puzzled that this does not break Unix builds too. Please adjust the libffi changes so that they are done on every OS.

• I recently changed the code in compile_test_libraries a little (to get rid of the issue mentioned in the FIXME comment). Can you adapt your patch so that it applies to what is in git master?

• Your rewritten compile_test_libraries will throw an exception when the compilation fails, aborting the Makefile.PL run. The intention is that these failures are non-fatal. Please change the code so that it simply returns a false value on failure.

• In t/inc/ you have disabled the skip_all branch for MSWin32. But the tests still do need to be skipped if PATH is not set up correctly, right?

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