Re: Can't locate object method "add_actions"...

Great!  Once you feel happy with the code, we can also merge this into

Maybe I'll start another thread on this.  Right now, they're written
to run stand-alone and to require little modification to be plugged
into a "" as was before. We can either have $someone try to
update, or these can be lumped in an "examples" directory or
something.  I'd like to know how folks would like to proceed.

I don't mind, really.  The overview that the program provides is
nice.  But since it lacks the ability to edit and re-run the example code,
it's not that much more useful than separate stand-alone programs.

In that case, any that I post to the site I listed are available for
inclusion whenever you want - they work.  I'm still working on some of
the other ones, some of which are proving difficult.

In the meanwhile, I'll see what needs to be done (if anything) to the as well.  It may be worth keeping, but like you, I don't
really care if it stays or not.  For all I care, just dump the
examples in an "examples" directory and ship it.

I've updated the examples here to be completely standalone, doing away
with  I've made a note here and there where the example
requires at least perl-Gtk3 >= $VERSION.   The formatting style is
different than (spaces vs tabs issue), which I can change if
you'd rather see that.  I'm also not sure what license statement
should be in there - see what you think of what's there.  Otherwise,
feel free to criticize and/or add them.  Currently there are over 20
examples, one template file, the gtk-logo image, and demo.ui (used in
an example or two).  Open to suggestions.

In the meanwhile, if there are any overrides I can handle,
push them my way.

Dave M

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